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A Nutter Day

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A spoonful of advice

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

I will admit this is not the fanciest, nuttiest or punniest post, but I’ll do butter next time! As WomensNet’s November 2019 Amber Grant recipient, I was recently asked to share some tips for female entrepreneurs based on what I’ve learned from Noomi.

When it comes to writing, it’s sometimes best to think quick, and in the moment—to write what’s on your brain right now. (Thanks for that tip, Leslie!) So here’s what came to mind when I was asked the question, which I believe any entrepreneur, gender aside, can apply to their business. I should preface this by saying there will certainly be more posts like this to come, but here are my thoughts at this very moment...

Noomi peanut butter in Ladle of Love
8/22/18: Noomi debuts at its first store, Ladle of Love.

Building relationships is the cornerstone of success—with yourself personally and with others professionally. I value relationships so much that I made it one of Noomi’s five core values. Interestingly, when I first began my Noomi journey, it was the unplanned mentorship of an executive chef, Leslie Lampert, who believed in me, encouraged me, and challenged me, that really supported me through the launch of my product. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her—and am thankful for her store, Ladle of Love, being Noomi's first retail home. (Take a look at that beautiful shelfie!)

I genuinely believe in the power of mentorships too, so find someone who can really push you in a constructive and inspiring way. Someone who echos your passion and enthusiasm, and motivates you to think differently, to be better, and to dream bigger.

Network with others, ask questions, start the conversations, and leave the conversations with even more questions than you started with. Soak up as much industry knowledge as you can, and leverage it to help you understand how to establish your business, set SMART goals and successfully grow.

People are always willing to help you along the way, and in many cases, have been in your shoes at one point; meaning, they want to pay it forward and help if they are able to. So put yourself out there, expand your network every day, and build and nurture every relationship. You’ll be surprised who you meet, who they may know, how they can help you, and what you can achieve together as a result.

What’s your best business or entrepreneurial tip?

Stay nuts!

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