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A Nutter Day

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The balance of sweet and salty

Much like Noomi’s signature blend of organic peanut butter, life is a balance of sweet and salty. Funny it only took me over 100 recipes to realize it! Too sweet, can lead to a natural fructose high you get used to, and at times, it's totally overwhelming; too salty, and you’re left wondering when you’ll next catch that glimpse of sweet.

Soon you see that the balance is absolutely critical to sanity and survival. It transcends from finding the perfect peanut butter recipe, to finding the right perspective—whether it’s in every day life, from an entrepreneurial outlook, or from the small business owner point of view. The list goes on, but perspective remains key.

Noomi peanut butter and jelly bites
9/16/18: One of my first weekends at Muscoot Farms farmer's market. The crowd went nuts for Noomi PB&J bites!

I have to admit things have felt more salty than sweet as of late, but I’ve been working quite diligently to remind myself every day that it’s not personal. This is a rough year for everyone. AND THAT’S OKAY. We’re all feelin’ it, am I right?

Perspective. Optimism. Positivity. Every day the choice is ours to make for how we see, view and experience the world.

While I await the verdict on several outstanding things I’ve applied to, and keep my fingers and toes crossed for potential new opportunities to fall into place, I’m remembering to be patient and positive throughout the process. It's all part of my journey.

Just like the perfect peanut butter took many recipes to develop—or, 100+ batches of experiments over the course of three straight months—the timing of the things we want is not always in our control. (It's why I didn't end up with a pandemic border collie puppy. Are you happy now, mom?) And sometimes instant gratification is not…instant. But you have to recognize deep down that the gratification will come. So don't let the wait discourage you!

Success is not measured by the amount or frequency of the sweet. It’s the salty parts of our journey that test our passion and endurance, and challenge us to strive harder for the sweet.

Maybe, I’m thinking out loud today, but I needed to express it. And if you find yourself reading this, I hope it helps you put the natural balance of sweet and salty into perspective.

I hope it makes you see that it’s “not you,” and not personal, when things are slowly but surely trying to shift themselves back into place.

I hope it makes you feel some sort of comfort while you’re waiting for the salty to pass, and wanting so fully for the sweet. (Because the sweet will come!)

And most of all, I hope it gives you the strength and encouragement you might need today to keep pursuing your passion and doing what you love.

Every day the choice is ours to make for how we see, view and experience the world. How will you choose to see it?

Stay nuts!

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