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The story of Noomi

aka the non-nutshell narration

Krystina Murawski with first jar of Noomi peanut butter sold

Krystina Murawski, Owner and Founder of Noomi, shares her personal story below...


"Ever since I was little, I always loved being in the kitchen with my mom. I remember this one time I was helping her make a batter from scratch in her vintage white KitchenAid stand mixer. She tasked my 3-year old self with pouring the cracked egg from a small glass Pyrex bowl into the mixer—and oops! With the mixer still on, I dropped the glass bowl right on in, along with that egg! I've come a long way since then—understanding glass might not be the best texture for that oh so coveted 'crunch.' :)


As I got older, I started dabbling more with cooking and baking, and it became clear that the kitchen was not just another room in the house; it was a creative outlet for me. Cooking is one of the few things I do that allows me to escape. And I mean that in the most amazing way. In the kitchen, time stands still, and I thrive on the creative and culinary challenges that a recipe, or totally new experiment, can bring. Not to mention the wonderful experiences that are often shared through food, whether at home or abroad. I've always cherished that, too.


In February 2016, I bought my first place, a co-op in Hartsdale, NY. Before moving in, I made the decision to renovate my kitchen—and it is hands-down, one of the best investments I have ever made.


My little-8-foot-galley-kitchen is just as I created it to be. White cabinets, stainless steel appliances, a touchless faucet, and the most beautiful 'river white' granite. From the grey ceramic flooring that looks like wood, to the geometric knobs and pulls, the design was exactly how I imagined it to be and more. My kitchen may not be big, or have a massive island workspace, or double-ovens, but it is my own. A home inside my own home, and a galley—albeit 8-foot galley—of joy and endless inspiration. (Remember that).

110% all in

I've always loved peanut butter (PB). But one day, I took my love for this legume to a whole nutter level. (That was my first peanut pun, surprisingly). I became intrigued with trying as many brands and varieties of peanut butter as possible, determined to find my favorite one. Combined with my gifted 'Peanut Butter of the Month Club' membership, I had to make a list to keep track of my PB ranking that continued to grow. Creamy, crunchy, salted, unsalted, childhood classics, to regional favorites; they were all peanut butter, yes, but they were all so different! I could NUT believe it!


But guess what? I never found my one true [peanut butter] love. Some brands topped others, but the search to please my PB palate continued. Until this one day, when my college best friend texted me out of the blue about wanting to start a food truck. I told her I wanted to start my own peanut butter company, and we agreed to hold each other accountable in our ventures.


January 20, 2018 was a defining moment for me. It was three days after that fateful text, and the day I decided I could make my own peanut butter. And it's my little-8-foot-galley-kitchen (coming full circle now) that would inspire me to do so.

I had made my own peanut butter before, but this time, I was ready to give my culinary journey that 110% I give to every goal I set. I was all in, and nothing could stop me.

A "new me"

Okay, so I went a little crazy—or nuts, in this case. I made over 100 peanut butter recipes, using 25 different peanut types! From shelled to unshelled, blanched, raw, Spanish, Valencia, Virginia, runners, with skins, without skins, PB stocks, nuts from peanut grinders at specialty stores, to those in vacuum-sealed bags at very small, local Asian supermarkets. I tested and tried them all! I totally overworked my food processor, but she never gave up on me. She just kept processing, and so did I. Three months later, I developed my signature blend, and Noomi organic peanut butter was born.


Sound crazy? Absolutely. But I’d argue that entrepreneurs have to be crazy passionate about their ideas in order to find fulfillment in their pursuits. What's an idea or a journey without the passion to fuel it?


And that's why my noomi is this brand.


'Noomi' is the mindset that empowers me to live my greatest passion and to love what I do every day. As I strived to find the perfect peanut, Noomi gave me the confidence to forge my own path and create the best peanut butter that I could possibly make. And in giving that 110% of my heart, drive and enthusiasm toward my goal, a new me was awakened by this brand. A happier and humbled me.


The way I see it, success is not only measured by the gratitude and inspiration I feel through the brand I brought to life, but how those same sentiments can be transferred to anyone who engages with it. And I hope that's what I've encouraged you to do.


If I can leave you with anything, it's this: find your 'new me' and wholeheartedly choose to pursue it. I promise you it's worth the journey. Because doing what you love is absolutely long as you stay nuts!"

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