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You don’t have to be a chef to start a peanut butter company

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Text message with Chelsea
1/17/18: The text that sparked Noomi.

When people see Noomi, the curious ones ask, “Sooo what made you start doing all of this?” And sometimes I wonder what they are expecting me to say.

That I have a full-time job, and run Noomi on the side? Probably not...but very true.

That the idea started with a text message from my college bestie and a nutty dream? Maybe that’s a bit more tangible...and yes, it’s also true.

That I have a culinary degree, or some background as an executive chef that led me down this path? Arguably, that sounds like a sure bet...but it’s not true.


You mean you were just obsessed with peanut butter, wanted your own company, and went for it???

YES! (Take a look at this quick video from June 24, 2018; it was my first ever weekend of production, and captures the moment I held my very first jar of Noomi peanut butter).

This is as authentic as it gets; I still get choked up thinking about that exact moment, and all of the growth, possibility and passion that it symbolized. Bringing Noomi to pantries across America is one of the things in my life I’m most humble about. It wasn’t an easy journey, or a road I was at all familiar with, but it was everything I wanted—so I was determined to make it happen. And that’s why Noomi is my “new me.”

We go to college or university, and select one general area of study (business, marketing, music, communication), but our degrees don’t always dictate the career we choose or life choices that we make. And while typical assumptions might argue that engineers and doctors are less likely to stray from their educational path—simply because of the specificity of and time devoted to their degrees—it’s still possible (at any time!) to decide to do something else that you realize might make you happier. Because how are we supposed to know everything we want in life when we choose our major? Kudos if you did. I’m still figuring things out over here. ;)

My mom studied to be a French teacher and never taught a day of French; she’s now an incredibly successful HR executive whose built an amazing career for herself as a woman in the insurance industry.

I used to run marathons, and at the peak of my running career, completed an ultra (50k)—and I never had a cross country, or any sort of running, background. That surprised people too. But I never let it hold me back; I only let it fuel me forward.

My point here is this: expectations and assumptions don’t always align with reality, and that’s totally okay!

Be encouraged in the pursuit of your dreams.

Find your vision. Set SMART goals with deadlines. And keep moving toward them.

How are you defying expectations in pursuing your dreams?

Stay nuts!

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